From Prep To Step

Our mission is to produce and distribute high quality nutrition packed meals that taste great and help you achieve the results your looking for with your health and fitness goals. Eating healthy doesn't have to be impossible or taste bland. From prep to step our meal preparation plans are custom designed for you. Save your valuable time and money by letting us take the guess work out of your dietary requirements.


High Quality

Our meal plans are designed without any extra salts or added oils. Your nutrition is our first priority. We use only the highest grade ingredients in our meals. Between organic meats and locally sourced vegetables, you're taking in the best. Our disposable, microwaveable and dish washer safe containers are sturdy and close tight. Our meals fit the requirements of all clients. We service everyone from professional bodybuilders and every-day gym goers, to people simply looking for some help with eating healthy regardless of fitness or exercise interests.


Comprehensive and customizable

The meals we offer are comprehensive and the nutritional requirements of the client are kept in mind. You get to choose any combination of the foods we offer and combine them as you see fit, creating a truly unique menu just for you and your preferences. Our completely balanced meals enable superior athletic performance and recovery for the lowest price around. 

You get to pick from 5 different protein options (steak, chicken, salmon, ground beef or tilapia), 7 different carbohydrates (brown rice, white rice, pasta, sweet potato, white potato, red potato, and quinoa) and 5 different vegetables (spinach, mixed greens salad, asparagus, broccoli and string beans). Each meal contains one selection from category of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables. Being free to make any combinations of the above gives you a huge variety of meals throughout the week so you will not get sick of eating the same repetitive things to reach your dietary goals. 




Using our custom meal preparation plans and guides, you will save money by cooking in bulk. We also do not charge some of the high price points other online services do. The money we save by relying on word of mouth marketing and low overhead is passed on to our clients. Any current or former police, firefighter, or military personnel will also receive a discount. Our goal is to give you back the time and money you would spend on designing and preparing your own meals so you can focus on the parts of health and fitness you enjoy. Take the complexity out of dieting and get your life back.

Contact us with any questions or to find out more about our meal prep service.