Tyler is a certified trainer and sports nutritionist with over 10 years gym experience. He has been training clients, programming workout routines and writing diet plans for over 6 years. Being an athlete and graduate student, Tyler draws upon both his personal experience and education to help train clients of all ages and fitness levels. With a true passion for fitness, he sets himself apart by going the extra step for his clients to ensure progress and success. As the owner of BayerFit, Tyler is responsible for the online training, meal preparation, diet plans, consultations, marketing and advertising campaigns, and content generation of the website on top of running boot-camps and training clients in person for one on one sessions.


Anna is an experienced chef and lifetime athlete with a passion for food, fitness and the outdoors. Her unique blend of skills and knowledge allows her to add a personal touch help with the creation of realistic meal plans and workout routines for our female client base. Anna also has a hand in all of our marketing and outreach campaigns, including social media marketing and digital content creation.