Transform Yourself

To help with your 60 day ab challenges, I'll be providing a free dietary intake plan. Simply use the form at the bottom to send me some basic stats (it's okay if you don't have or know them all exactly, this is a guideline to get you on the right track). Also check below for some sample core workouts to help you get started on your transformation. Along with some free help on the diet end of things, I'll also be throwing in some prizes for the winners along with the gift-cards.

  1. First place: (1) Bottle of Melt Fat Burner and (2) Bottles of Multi-V Multivitamin
  2. Second Place: (1) Bottle of Melt Fat Burner and (1) Bottle of Multi-V Multivitamin
  3. Third Place: (1) Bottle of Melt Fat Burner OR (1) Bottle of Multi-V Multivitamin

Best of luck to everyone!

Intake Form

Use only first name if preferred for privacy
Anything you think I should know such as medical conditions or dietary restrictions and preferences

Workout Sample

Start off with 3 sets of 20 of crunches. You can use the weights you have to make these harder.

Then work into a circuit of:

  • a. Flutter Kicks
  • b. Bicycle crunches
  • c. Russian twists

Hit each exercise for 30 seconds on round one, 40 seconds on round two, and 50 seconds on round three. 60-90 seconds rest between sets. 

The abs are designed to contract and maintain stability of the torso for extended periods of time, so while crunching is a great way to target the rectus abdominis (the "6 pack"), it is important to also target the other core musculature. We do so by maintaining contraction of the core muscles over increasing periods of time.

After that circuit of more dynamic or active exercises is finished, move into a more stability based circuit of:

  • a. Plank to pushup for 30 seconds
  • b. Side plank for 30 seconds, than 10 hip thrusters, switch sides, and repeat

Increase time on the plank and side plank to 40 and 50 seconds on rounds two and three, respectively. You can also increase the hip thruster reps if you feel capable. Rest 60-90 seconds between rounds, and be strict with tracking this rest time.

Or for a more visual workout, check out this video below. It's a bit more complicated in workout selection and diversity while including some of the movements I listed above (note: not my video):